Muscle stetchThe Quadratus Lumborum or “QL” for those in the know, is one of those big muscles in the body that needs regular maintenance.

It attaches to your lowest rib, your lumbar spine and your pelvis. It’s role is to allow your trunk to bend sideways.

The QL can develop trigger points for many reasons and these will contribute to unequal tension in the spine, especially in the rib cage and in the pelvis.
The stress of twisting motions, golfing, running, vacuuming, sweeping, can all overload the QL.  This can lead to low back issues which have their real cause in trigger points and tension in this muscle.

Releasing trigger points and Stretching the Muscle

A good maintenance sequence for your muscles is to:

  • Warm the area that you are going to work on if you have the time
  • Release the trigger points in the muscle with the massage ball
  • Stretch the muscle

Big Muscle Stretches- the Quadratus lumborum muscle” shows you exactly where the trigger points will be and how to release them.

It also shows you one of the many stretches that work well for this muscle.

“Crossfit Birmingham” have provided some simple and clear instructions on how to do the stretch.

Heat or ice?

“Taking care of yourself when little things go wrong” will give you more complete information on heating, trigger point releases and icing.