trapezius muscle

The Trapezius muscle is one of those “big muscles” in the body that should be regularly maintained.

This muscle stretches across your upper back and between your shoulder blades.
It often develops “knots” or trigger points which radiate pain into the head, jaw, neck, shoulder and back.

Many people have problems with this muscle as a result of desk work, peering at a computer for extended periods, and stress.


Releasing Trigger Points and Stretching the Muscle

A good maintenance sequence for your muscles is to:

  • Warm the area that you are going to work on if you have the time
  • Release the trigger points in the muscle with the massage ball
  • Stretch the muscle

“Big Muscle Stretches: The Trapezius Muscle” shows you exactly where the trigger points will be and how to release them.
“Neck Stretches” shows you a series of stretches including those for the trapezius muscle.

Here are some simple and clear instructions on how to do the stretch from “Dynamic Phys Therapy”.

Heat or Ice?

 Taking care of yourself when little things go wrong will give you more complete information on heating, trigger point releases and icing.