Catching pains as you reach out across the table?

Problems doing up your bra?

Not sleeping well because rolling onto your shoulder is painful?

Hanging the clothes on the line is really painful.


Many of us ignore pain that isn’t directly related to an accident or injury. This isn’t a good idea at any time but ignoring shoulder pain is a really bad idea.   The pain may get worse and the shoulder may become more and more restricted in its movement.


Shoulder pain can be treated but the longer you leave it, the more complex and lengthy the treatment regime will become.

As part of the treatment process, gentle stretches are introduced to help restore movement.  Stretches are excellent to help prevent shoulder dysfunction as well as restore it.

Most commonly the pain is associated with inflammation in the shoulder area.  You can help with the inflammation by using some techniques at home.  Our download on taking care of your body includes a section on inflammation.

In addition, for those of you who use apps regularly, here is an excellent app on upper body stretches which include the shoulder.