Stretching your psoas muscle is so important. It’s a hip flexor. So often, it’s involved in groin pain, low back pain and even pain to one side of your pelvis (your sacroiliac joint).

LikStretching your psoas muscle is important.e many of us, you probably spend a great deal of time sitting – at work, in the car, and at home.
Your psoas muscle ends up becoming short and weak because of this fixed posture and lack of movement. That means it isn’t working properly and it will eventually let you know – by creating pain. You might consider the psoas as being “hidden” in the unconscious part of your brain because you are not aware that you are creating this problem.

This is a simple exercise for everyone – even if you don’t have any obvious low back or pelvic issues. The only people who shouldn’t do this are those who have an acute injury. If you are not sure, always check with your practitioner.

Now before you glance further down, please be kind to your body.

Don’t go into sharp pain. Yes, you may feel some discomfort as your body starts to open up.  Focus on your breath. If you start holding your breath or your breathing becomes uneven then you are pushing your body too far.

Once again if you’re unsure contact your practitioner, they can guide you through the stretch.

Waking up the Psoas

Start by using some movements to wake that psoas up.
Remember to keep your pelvis and torso still and only move your leg. Your pelvis should be in a neutral position (not arched or overly flattened).
Complete 5-6 repetitions each side making sure to breathe.
You can either wake up your psoas in a seated position or in a lying position.

Stretching your Psoas muscle

So, your psoas is now awake.
Now it’s time to elongate it with a gentle lunge stretch.
Maintain a neutral position during this stretch.
Complete 4 repetitions on each side holding for 30s each time.
If you find one side tighter or harder to move, then add two more repetitions.
Don’t forget to breathe!

If you’d like a little more, you can also release the Psoas with the massage ball.

That’s it!
If you feel a little tender, take yourself for a walk outside or around the house for a 5 minutes allowing your body to adjust itself to the changes.