We’ve recently introduced the Tribe of the Tree Flower Essences into the clinic.

This is what the creators of the Tribe of the Tree say about their flower essences:Tribe of the tree flower essences

“Traditionally, flower essences have focused on assisting negative emotional states.
In contrast, Tribe of the Tree flower essences are aspirational and forward looking, with an emphasis on where you want to go, not where you’ve been. They invite you to focus on the issues you’re facing in a new way, and to embrace life joyfully and energetically, confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.
Each remedy is accompanied by a short story to meditate and reflect on that expands awareness and helps you connect with the remedy and its effects in your life. Feedback from our customers has been that the stories anchor the healing process and create a deep and emotional connection with the essences, allowing them to work at a profound level.”


We heard abTribe of the tree logoout Tribe of the Tree flower essences from a valued client who’d had great results from taking them herself – and we just had to find out more.

For more information visit the Tribe of the Tree website www.tribeofthetree.com.au or come into the clinic and have a chat with Eve or Sarah.