I’ve had a number of people ask me recently how to manage hot flushes.  There is no easy answer but Kathy Harris, a naturopath, has written extensively on the matter and has some excellent ideas.

Essentially, keeping hot flushes under control involves changes in lifestyle and diet.  A comprehensive list of things to change can be downloaded from our website. Here is a snapshot:


Lifestyle Factors:

  • Increase regular physical activity.
  • Increase exposure to early morning or late afternoon sunlight without sunscreen.
  • Wear natural fibres, light loose fitting layers that peel off easily.
  • Investigate emotional issues involving unresolved anger, or suppressed desires.


Dietary Factors:

  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol, especially red wine.
  • Eliminate hormonally treated meats and dairy foods.
  • Increase Phytoestrogens especially flaxseeds, plus nuts (not peanuts or macadamia) and seeds.
  • Drink purified or spring water if your intake is low.
  • Drink sage tea.
  • Introduce Magnesium-and potassium rich foods