Here are some of the methods we use



This is a system of muscle testing which allows us to determine the type of treatment that’s needed.


“Activator” and “Integrator”instruments for chiropractic adjusting

We use hand held instruments to adjust your body. This means there is no “cracking noise” as we adjust.


Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy

A hand held device stimulates acupuncture points on the body and on the ear.


Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

This technique is aimed at identifying where emotional issues may be coming into play.


Infrared Sauna

We use the sauna as an adjunct to chiropractic treatments. It’s a dry heat sauna.

Pilates at KingsWilliam


The combination of Chiropractic and Pilates qualifications allows Eve to tailor a full Pilates program, or a simple set of exercises, to suit your needs.

This is how we manage your treatment

Teamwork is so important.

Sarah, Adriana and Eve will often combine their skills to provide you with a more comprehensive treatment within the clinic. Other practitioners inside and outside the clinic are called upon when needed. Massage therapy, behavioural optometry, homeopathy and exercise physiology are just some of those disciplines.

Our appointments vary in length according to your needs. During your appointment we explain what we’re doing as we check your body then we use specific techniques to address your issues. We teach you a variety of self-help techniques so that you are an active participant in the process from start to finish.


“Inaction creates nothing. Action creates success.”

– Stephen Richards